Winter Blast Prize Support pt3

Following up on parts 1 and 2 of this series, I have some fun cards donated by Toronto community members to show off. We’ve had several Collector’s and International Collector’s Edition cards dropped off for this event, and they’ll make their way to either the charity raffles or random drawings for Winter Blast weekend.

First up, Dwarven Demolition Team. Kev Brockschmidt didn’t do much art for Magic, but this piece has always been a favorite of mine. A cartoony style that wasn’t really seen too much in the game, aside from Justin Hampton and maybe the Foglios, but this one is unique. Combined with the rich red of the early printings, and you have a gorgeous card. Plus, it wrecks walls!

Next up is Fireball’s sibling, Disintegrate, featuring some Terminator 2 looking art from none other than Anson Maddocks. Talk about iconic Magic cards! And, we all know that old school has a bit of a troll problem, and this is the perfect answer to them.

Everyone knows and loves this one. A perfect addition to most decks, particularly black decks, an Icy Manipulator can help solve a lot of problems, and just might be able to win a game by tapping your opponent’s City of Brass to ping them down. Hey, a player can dream, right?

Finally, we have an International Collector’s Edition Time Walk as a prize. It’s seen better days, but it still gets you an extra turn to Mirror Universe for the win at best, or cantrips at worst.

If you want a chance at walking out with one of these beauties, or any of the other prizes we’ve shown off here, be sure to attend The Winter Blast, 8 and 9 February 2020 here in Toronto.

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