Old School Playtest Card Resources

This page aims to help you make Magic playtest cards that look good and are easily identifiable by opponents during games of Old School.

Full image collection quick links: Here and here. Read on for details.

Playtest Power

What’s Here and How to Use It

You can use the fan-created images posted here to make your own Old School playtest cards. Follow the links for our full collection of printable playtest cards. The images at the two links are the same, just in different sizes.

Use this Google Docs link for playtest card images pre-sized to fit in a normal-sized sleeve after you print them on normal paper and cut them out.  Just tuck them inside a sleeve on top of another card to make your playtest cards.  Download and edit the Google Doc to choose the images you want to print. 

Use this Google Photos link for larger images, better for high-quality printing.  You can resize and print these images directly on thicker cardstock, creating playtest cards that stand alone in a card sleeve (with no other card beneath them).  We recommend printing with the size 63x88mm and cardstock thickness of either S30 or S33.  We also recommend keeping the card backs blank, so there is nothing that might show through the back of a non-totally-opaque sleeve.  For more advice on printing, try searching Reddit or the Web on how to print custom Magic cards.  Some of the photos in this post show what these playtest cards look like after printing.

We are working on expanding our image collection so you can make playtest versions of other sweet Old School cards too.  Check back later for more!  And contact us if you have playtest card art that you’d like to see displayed here. 

About the Artist

All of our playtest card images so far come from Eric Fletcher, an enthusiast of Magic card art, Old School, and Johnny Cash. Eric is a husband and father of two from Idaho who would play Reanimator more if it was any good. You can follow Eric and his art on Twitter here.

Our Philosophy

Old School Magic cards are absurdly expensive these days.  Playtest cards are a fantastic alternative for use in casual games and at community-organized, non-DCI-sanctioned events.  We hope the images here will make it easier for players to create their own playtest cards.

A “playtest card” is a stand-in for an actual Magic card.  “Proxies” is not the right term for what we support, because people sometimes use that term to refer to counterfeit cards.  Counterfeits are bad.  We resolutely oppose counterfeit cards and do not support their creation or use in games.  

The Toronto Old School community supports the use of playtest cards.  We allow them in all of our events, including webcam-based online events. 

People playing casual Magic should not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to enjoy casting cards like Chaos Orb and Timetwister.  Moreover, we find playtest cards much more enjoyable if they are aesthetically pleasing—not just “Black Lotus” scribbled on the back of a common.  Playtest cards with art are not just more visually appealing but also are more easily identified by opponents, facilitating smooth gameplay—especially in socially-distanced games played by webcam. 

Playtest cards printed on thick cardstock

Clarifying Statements

The images presented here are not real Magic cards, and they are not intended to pass as such.  They are playtest card images meant for personal, non-commercial use.  Nothing here is for sale.

The images posted here (or linked to) are free for anyone to view, access, share, and use.  You do not need to pay us, obtain our approval, or give us credit in order to use these images. 

Per Wizards of the Coast policy, we want you to know that the images posted here (or linked to) are unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

Another relevant reference from Wizards of the Coast is this statement about their support for playtest cards.

A great opening hand!