Like A Phoenix

3/2 flyer for 6 cmc seems good

We are back! Not exactly the same, but playing a fair bit of webcam magic with friends got us thinking that we need to bring in the greater community, explicitly the locals, as well as anyone else who can “make it out”. So, without further ado, I want to announce that we are back with Tuesday night gaming! Not in person yet, but online. To keep it simple, here’s what y’all need to know:

  • Every Tuesday night at 8pm
  • Join our jitsi meeting:
  • Have a deck or three ready, preferably EC or Boreal, but chat with folks in the room and find someone looking for games
  • Reach out to us ( if you need to test your webcam & mic setup before games get started

Why weekly? I was discussing this with my wife as I like to keep her in the loop about my time commitments, and I had said every other week, to which she pointed out that lots of people have less of a time anchor right now, so every other week would likely be even more confusing, while weekly, it becomes consistent, and if someone can’t make it for one, then the turnaround time is way shorter this way. Trying to keep the FOMO low here. To make it simple, subscribe to the calendar.

Why jitsi and not whereby/zoom/skype/etc? Basically, we host our own jitsi instance, so we have more control over it’s availability and it’s free and open source.

What about in person old school?

I am aware that Toronto/Ontario has opened up bars and allows for meetings in public places of more than ten people now. However, for me personally, this is all still too early and new for me to feel comfortable not only playing cards in public, but advocating for others to do so as well. Some day, we will be able to play in person and share our love of the game face to face over some snacks and drinks, but for me, it’s not that time yet.