Unleashing Graded Cards

As primarily a player rather than collector of this card game, I don’t personally see the appeal behind having cards sealed inside cases that prevent them from being used. This is especially true when the cards aren’t even in particularly impressive condition in the first place.

I’ve been working on my more competitive deck for a while now, and have been focusing on upgrading some of the power to Beta. Fortunately for me, a member of our local group had a BGS 7 Beta Timetwister that they were looking to move, and another member wanted an Unlimited copy for their deck.

This appealed very much to me since we got to liberate the Beta copy from its prison, I got my upgrade, and my previous Timetwister will stay present in the local metagame. I hope I’ve trained it well enough so that it still draws me some favourable hands once in a while.

Without further ado, here is a before shot:

Here is the case opening video (we had practiced on an Alpha Psionic Blast):

Case Cracking Video

And here is the liberated card, sleeved up and ready to twist some time:

Looks like it still has some good draws left in it, and hopefully it doesn’t give them to my opponents too many times.

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