Scryings Spoilers

As MG wrote up so eloquently here, it’s spoiler season for the new set entitled Scryings, and I’m using this page to keep tabs on all of the cards spoiled thus far. I’ll do my best to keep it up to date as cards are spoiled, so there’s a single place to see them all.

  1. Primal Order & Deadly Insect
  2. Goblin Grenade – Brothers of Fire
  3. Goblin Tinkerer
  4. Argivian Restoration & Argivian Find
  5. Deep Spawn
  6. Wildfire Emissary
  7. River Merfolk – Sarpadian Cup
  8. Merfolk Traders – Sarpadian Cup
  9. High Tide – Sarpadian Cup
  10. Nettletooth Djinn
  11. Eron the Relentless
  12. Jokulhaups
  13. Dwarven Miner and Spirit of the Night
  14. River Boa
  15. Enduring Renewal
  16. Pox
  17. Sacred Mesa
  18. Lat-Nam’s Legacy
  19. Rogue Elephant

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