Off to a good start

a strong naya zoo t1

We’re only a couple of weeks into this whole Old School format and have played a few pickup games, and last night a few of us got together for some casual cardboard fun.  We had a Naya Zoo deck, a mono-blue budget control deck, a White Weenie deck, and a BurnAtog deck in attendance and all four of them saw some play.  Not enough photos were taken, nor were decklists collected, but we do have some work in progress decks to share from amongst us.

BwU control

This is a fun control deck that wasn’t out last night, but shows some of the cards we are playing with, and one of the most Old School decks to show off.

mono-blue control

This mono-blue control deck that is a work in progress makes it extremely difficult to keep a creature on the board. It very closely mimics what I remember my usual high school mtg playmate wielding to great effect vs my white decks.  His use of High Tide to buff his mana pool when necessary can make the deck very explosive.


white weenie

Here we have a fairly standard White Weenie deck, that includes some sub-optimal cards that highlight the fun and nostalgic value of cards over the more competitive lists.  I’ve gotta say that Beta Samite Healers look fantastic!


This is a pet deck that is mostly a pile of cards that I love, and am trying to figure out how to make them work.  It’s changed quite a bit from this form into a more aggro deck, but is sure to see lots of table time.

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