The Fire Ball Prizes – 2019

One of the greatest things about the community is seeing how willing they are to donate, not only money to charities, but also cards and memorabilia as prize support. With The Fire Ball just about 3 weeks away now, we are ramping up and getting all the prizes in order.

Some new beauties added to the pool 26 August 2019

Ten of each basic from Unlimited for highest placed deck (not 1st) with NO DUALS

These proxies were all created by the awesome @MTGEric and graciously donated by the 2019 The Winter Blast’s winner of spiciest deck, @MTGOwenFletcher.

Next up we have some artist prints from Melissa Benson, Ed Beard Jr and Anson Maddocks.

And we have some playmats as well. One is a hand drawn, gorgeous dragon by an artist I have yet to figure out, and one of the Quebec City Old School’s custom playmats designed by non other than Jeff Menges!

There’s lots more on the way and in the works, but this is our starting point. If you’re on the fence about coming, well, maybe some of these rad prizes will pursuade you.