The Fire Ball – 2019

14 September 2019

What is The Fire Ball? Well, much like The Winter Blast, this is an old school mtg tournament in Toronto, Ontario. This time, however, we have a ballroom as our event space, so we might as well dress fancy and enjoy the affair, no?

We’ll be playing by Eternal Central Rules, in a Swiss format, with an option to drop and play side events after round 3.

Facebook Event page is here:

Full details and registration are here:

The goals of our events are as follows:

  1. Have fun
  2. Support a charity
  3. Build community
  4. Provide a safe space to come and enjoy Magic
  5. Our Code of Conduct has more details


Tournament Structure:

  • Eternal Central rules –
  • 60 card minimum decks, 1-15 card sideboard.
  • one proxy is allowed, a Chaos Orb
  • 1 Free mulligan, followed by London Mulligan
  • Structure is Swiss with a cut to top 4, time permitting.
  • 50 minutes per round.
  • Best of 3 games per round.
  • No draws. The win will go to the player with the fewest Strip Mines. If both players have the same number of Strip Mines, the game will be decided by Orb flips.
  • Side events will be available beginning after the third round.

Prize Structure:

  • Fire Ball Champion – Chronicles City of Brass signed by all attendees
  • Top Four of the Swiss
  • Player Signed Card for Each Attendee (please bring one)

Additional prizes will be awarded at the organizer’s discretion for:

  • Highest Placing UnPowered/Budget Deck
  • Spiciest Deck
  • Largest Fireball
  • Most game wins by Fireball
  • Farthest Traveled

Extra Fun Stuff & Side Events:

  • Orb Flip Contest
  • Auctions
  • Raffles Between Rounds
  • Goblin King and Sorceress Queen of the Ball
  • Side events (Alpha40, Revised 40, Baller 40, Two-Headed Giant, Sealed, etc.)

Some things you could win are posted here:


All proceeds raised at the door and via side events, raffles, etc. will be donated to Free Grassy –, a group of First Nations activists working to reclaim their land, water, health, and way of life 80 km north of Kenora, Ontario.

Bring With You:

  • Your Deck
  • Cash for entrance, cash bar, raffles, and side events. No ATM on site.
  • A Card for the Prize Pool
  • Dress Up (optional, but we’re in a ball room)

Rough Schedule:

10:30 am – Doors open, registration begins. We’ll still be setting up, so you might be put to work, but it’s also a good time to chat w/ one another, play some games, trade some cards, etc.

11:30 am – Round 1 Begins

2:30 pm – Break for Food

3:00 pm – Round 4 and Side Events Begin

7:30 pm – Prizes Awarded and Pack Up

8:00 pm – Get Out

Come prepared to have fun.