Worst Case Ontario Cup

Note – I’ve been informed that the official Old School WebCam Facebook group has a tournament the same day, but we’ve decided to keep this date. Hopefully this isn’t too difficult a decision for folks, but as this is our first online event, smaller will be easier to handle.

What’s more Canadian that Trailer Park Boys references?

Like the rest of the Old School, and Magic in general, world, we’ve decided to host a little on-line get together on 23 May 2020. Full details are posted below, but the one key difference is what format we’ll be using. We’ve decided to use the Boreal B&R, which our friends the Tundra Wolves unveiled here. The tl;dr is summed up in this chart.


So, get ready for some games and good times!

Tournament info

Well, we’ve all been in our residences for quite some time now, and haven’t been able to play our usual Tuesday Night games, so we figured that a little online event would be a good way to re-acquaint ourselves with these cards we love and the folks we miss.

Registration – Sign up by 22 May 2020 at this link https://forms.gle/vCCe2c6jcdpZQcYf7

Date – 23 May, 10am Eastern Time

Entrance Fee – Submit a screenshot of your donation to a charity of your choice for $10+ dated between now and the day of the event

Deck Construction

Boreal Rules (https://talesfromlatundra.home.blog/2020/05/06/restrictions-less-is-more/)

Unlimited Proxies. Try and make them legible as this is on cam, so being able to easily know cards is even more important than irl matches.  Check out Capital Chaos Proxies and @ericmtg for some rad ones.  60+ cards + 15 card sideboard, no ties, Orb Flips for tie breakers, orb and star errata

Tourney details

– Swiss, with number of rounds determined by number of entrants, but most likely 4-6
– cut to top 8, best of 3
– finals are best of 5
– 60 minute rounds, 10 minutes between them, 30 minute break after round 3
-Your matches may be recorded and/or released on the internet forever

Webcam & Mic Setup

Please test your setup before the day of the event.  If you need assistance or want to test it out, let us know and one of the TOs will gladly hop on whereby.com to see how it looks, how laggy the connection is, etc.  In the case of disconnects (we know they happen), the opponent should keep track of how long/frequently it is happening, and if it is too disruptive to the match, then just like with slow playing, you’ll be asked by a TO to drop in order to keep the day going smoothly.


When your round starts, we suggest directing the cam at your face for introductions/quick catch up, and then changing the cam to point at your playing surface until the end of the match.  Switching camera views back and forth uses a lot of gaming time.  If you have a two camera setup, remember that it might be fine on your end but your opponent may not have the bandwidth for both streams.

General Logistics

We understand that sitting at a desk for the duration is less than ideal, and that breaks need to happen, and that _life happens_ so folks might need to step away for a minute. In such cases, let your opponent know, let a judge know, and try to be quick about it.  Slow play rulings _might_ come into effect for excessive or excessively long breaks.  There will be 10-20 minutes between rounds, plus a 30-40 minute break in the middle to give players a chance to stretch, eat, etc.

Slow Play

In order to keep matches moving along throughout the day, we ask that you know your deck, know your lines of play, and do your best to complete each round.  If you suspect your opponent of slow play, reach out a judge privately and one will join the match and see what it looks like.  In the case of actual slow playing, that player will be asked to speed it up or to voluntarily drop.  It is not fair for the TO or the other players to throw off the day’s schedule.  


graciously donated by Eric Do
  • World Champs CoB golden ticket – free entrance into a geocitiesofbrass irl tournament in the future
  • We’ll figure some other stuff, as well as delivering it/them safely.  Always open to donations.

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  1. I registered the day before and didn’t receive a confirmation. It is past the tournament start time and I have no way of knowing who I play. I have no TO contact information to ask? Is there anyone who can help me?

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