Worst Case Ontario Cup 2020


Before 10:00am Eastern please join http://geocities.saucetel.com/bwnn and let me know your name/email address so I can get you added to the roster.




We’ll be posting information in the #worst-case-ontario-cup channel on the Old School Discord, as well as on the Event Page on FaceBook and in http://geocities.saucetel.com/bwnn, so no one should need to make new accounts for anything to play.

General Chatter:

We should all be able to hop into http://geocities.saucetel.com/bwnn to chit chat between rounds.


For this event, we have a jitsi server setup to run the rooms, which is the Primary Room column below, but should it be problematic, you and your opponent can head over to the Alternate Room.


The lower left has three icons; share screen, raise hand, and chat. Please use the Chat in http://geocities.saucetel.com/bwnn to report scores or @jasonious in #worst-case-ontario-cup on discord.

General Stuff:

By default, the software will mirror your view, which can be strange to get used to, so right click on the small square that says “me” or your username in the top right and choose flip.

like this

Other Details:

Read about the event, deck construction, etc, here: https://geocitiesofbrass.com/worst-case-ontario-cup/

As always, our Code of Conduct applies: https://geocitiesofbrass.com/code-of-conduct/