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Candleflare Brewing

Since the days of yore, I’ve loved  and have sought to play decks using it. In Legacy, I’ve built and played High Tide and 12 Post, and tried to get fun builds together using Tron Lands.  Since diving into Old School, I knew that I wanted to play a deck that I can use my Candelabras in, so pairing it with  seemed like an obvious choice.  I’ve read lots of articles on various webpages about CandleFlare decks, so had some good inspiration. What direction the deck should go, aside from red, was much less obvious.  Having played  in Legacy, it made sense to include blue so that I could exploit that further, as well as provide a play method that I’m already familiar with.  In testing though, I’ve realized that the card draw that makes Legacy High Tide possible, in the form of , , and as well as the tutoring abilities [ … ]